Your Core Values

"I don't have the time to eat right."  

"I have too much on my plate to be working out right now."

"Maybe in the spring I will have more time to get healthy and loose a few pounds for summer."

"I'm so confused so I don't do anything." 


Have you heard this before?  Has it come from YOUR mouth in one form or another?  


Truth is we do what we want to do.  In understanding WHY I do the things I do or WHY I DON'T do the things I feel I WANT to do, I have come across something called core values.  In one of our council meetings at Salem Covenant Church, our pastor, Linda, is spending a lot of time with the council exploring the answers to: "What is the DNA of our church.  What are our CORE VALUES."  She went on to explain that core values are those values we hold that form the foundation which we perform work and conduct ourselves.  




I'm going to work with you to develop your core values as they are esential when making choices for you or your family or church.  There are many values to choose from, however, some are SO PRIMARY to YOU, that no matter what changes in your day, on the news, on social media, in politics, in technology, YOUR CORE VALUES are SO IMPORTANT they are CONSTANT!!


Core values are the practices we use (or should be using) every day in everything we think and eventually do!  Let's take time and discover what your are today and perhaps what you really want for your core values.  


Look up core value examples or brainstorm with your family and friends.  Challenge yourself to WRITE THEM DOWN!!!  You may be surprised how your focus changes for the better.  Your thoughts and daily tasks begin to take form.  You may even feel...FULFILLED...SATISFIED...AWESOME!!!


Go ahead!  I want to hear ALL ABOUT YOUR CORE VALUES!!!

In Gratitude!


Deborah Houldin, LPT, HC, 



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